Machine Film

Ultra-High Performance - Machine Film

SuperMicron (XRPLUS) – Highest stretch at the lowest gauge for optimal palletizing using the least amount of resources.

SuperMicron (XR) – Cast film. Heavy gauge performance from light gauge film, High cling and slip. Industry’s best load containment.

Advantage (ADU) – Cast one sided cling film. High stretch and puncture.

Excalibur (EXP) – Quiet clear metallocene cast film, one-sided cling high performance designed for high speed machines.

Standard Performance - Machine Film

Alpha Series (A1) – Proven performance and consistency makes A1 a choice product in the industry.

Alpha Series (ADC) – With stretch levels up to 225%, A12 makes economical sense.

Performance Plus (PP) – Blown machine film for maximum toughness and stretch ability.