Resinite produce films are specially formulated to allow produce to breathe and stay fresh longer. They provide excellent sparkle and clarity.

  • VF-60
  • VF-71

VF-60M - VF-60MP (Perforated)* - Stretch Mushroom Film

  • VF-60M is designed to package 8 oz., 16 oz. or larger containers of mushrooms on automatic equipment. AEP’s mushroom film provides especially fine wind, gauge consistency, and is formulated for high speed wrapping.

*Perforations enhance oxygen and vapor transmission.

VF-71 - VF-71P (Perforated)* - Stretch Produce Film

  • This stretch produce film is the market leader and standard of the industry.
  • Improved Vf-71 is a hand stretch film for wrapping packages of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of produce.
  • Clean, crisp feeling which makes produce displayed sparkling and appealing
  • Vf-71 will improve case life and has less relaxation.
  • Vf-71 has a soft feel and is formulated for the high carbon dioxide transmission necessary for maximum produce shelf life.
  • Vf-71-60 stretch produce film for use on automatic wrapping equipment.