Resinite Meat Films have higher oxygen transmission rates allowing meat to bloom, stay tender and look appetizing in the case.

  • Stretch Meat
  • Shrink Meat

Resinite Meat Films were specially designed for automatic stretch wrapping equipment. The uniform gauge and highly machineable films enhance all types of packages. Resinite Films set the standard for automatic equipment.


  • Largest selling in-store meat film in the world. This is standard of the industry
  • Used on stretch hand wrap machines from Exact, Heat Sealing and Clamco, etc. This film is also used on semi-automatic and automatic machines from Hobart, Imori, Exact, and Toledo, Digi, & Ulma. Standard widths are 10” to 23” Special production on request.
  • Available clear film or blue tinted in all standard widths.
  • Provides a softer film with increased stretch that is more easily handled by hand and automatic wrapping machinery.


  • Resinite’s #2 selling film for in-store packaging of fresh meat, smoked meat, poultry and pre-store terminal operations.
  • Used on semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines from Hobart, Imori, Exact, and Toledo, Digi, & Ulma . RMF-61-AH is tougher film than RMF-61HY and is used for rougher handling requirements.
    1. Very high volume supermarkets
    2. Packages whose size varies such as different size roasts.
    3. Clear trays that can cut lighter films.
    4. Terminal level packaging operations.
  • Available in clear film or blue tinted in all standard widths.

RMT-67B - All Purpose Shrink Film

  • All-purpose shrink film designed to be used on automatic and hand wrapping equipment.
  • Has excellent optics, high shrink at low temperature, and excellent puncture resistance.
  • This clear, non-tinted film is also available in all the standard sizes.
  • Excellent meat film that may be used for other in-store or industrial applications.