• MAPAC®
  • MAPAC & Case Ready

MAPAC® case-ready film creates a COMFORT ZONE for you and your customers.

Specially formulated and successfully tested. Our case- ready film has been proven to look and feel the same as current- in-store packages, while providing an improved film for processor use.

Superior Sealability for moisture-resistant seals

Superior Bloom Retention with high O2 permeability-never a need to flush individual packages

High Stretch and Recovery for rough handling maintains skintight appearance throughout the selling cycle

Superb clarity and Anti-Fog Characteristics

Excellent Machinability for efficient operation on all automatic and semiautomatic wrapping equipment

Engineered Gauge Selection provides package integrity with economy

Extended Footage using MAPAC® reduces your changeover downtime

MAPAC® is formulated for the CASE-READY fresh meat programs of today and tomorrow.

  • MAPAC®-L : An economical film for smaller, low-profile, lighter-duty applications
  • MAPAC®-M : A multi-use film designed as an all-purpose, multi-range film for medium-to-heavy duty applications
  • MAPAC®-H : A rugged film for the demanding rigors of larger family packs, bone-in products, and overall Superior protection
  • MAPAC®-X : The Ultimate-for your really tough packaging jobs including chilled freeze