Cheese / Deli

Combination cheese, bakery, and deli film contains all the best properties needed to give you the maximum protection in a PVC film, for your delicate cheeses, pastries, and other deli items. It is designed to accommodate the needs of specific products where moisture retention and mold retardation are a factor – meat films and produce films are designed to allow products to breathe and allow moisture to escape! This film is a stretch shrink film which works fine without shrink, but even better when heat is applied. No shrink tunnel is required – simply run the finished package over your hot plate and watch the wrinkles disappear and your shelf life increase.

  • CBT
  • AF-50 Utility Wrap

Resinite CBT-1 Cheese and Deli films out perform other films 3 to 1 in cheese keeping test.

CBT-1 - For Cheese – Sandwich & Deli Meats

  • CBT-1 is a 3,500’ roll of the latest and most effective cheese and deli film in the PVC industry. It standard in 10, 12, 15, and 18” widths making it a true all around deli and cheese film.
  • This film stretches as well as shrinks when put through a shrink tunnel, or passed lightly over the sealing plate of wrapping aid.
  • CBT-1 out performs other films 3 to 1 in controlled cheese keeping tests.

AF-50 is a 6,500’, blue tint film that is used to wrap in-store Deli items. This is an ideal film for short term storage because it stretches easily, seals well and quickly, and provides a sparkling appearance.