Stretch and shrink bakery film from AEP Industries has controlled stretch and shrink which protects against squeezing soft bakery products. It is ideal for cookies, buns, rolls, breads, danish, sweet rolls, etc.

Premium Bakery Films that we offer produce a clear and wrinkle-free surface for a ‘mouth-watering’ display. It is specially formulated to prevent icing from sticking to the film. The low oxygen transmission prolongs shelf life and preserves freshness.

  • CBT-1
  • BW-51

CBT-1 - Shrink Bakery Film

  • Clear shrink film for use on semi-automatic packaging equipment in-store.
  • Excellent controlled shrink that will not squeeze the packaged bakery goods.

BW-51 - Stretch Bakery Film

  • Clear, blue tint stretch film for in-store packaging of bakery products.
  • This film is typically used on a single roll bander for cinnamon buns, cookies, danish, etc.
  • Has low oxygen transmission which prolongs shelf life. This is soft, easy handling film and is formulated so that film will not stick to the icing of baked goods.