Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your film currently being manufactured?

A: Our film is now being manufactured in Griffin, Georgia.

Q: What advantages does our blown PVC film have over Calendered PVC in the credit card market?

A: We have the ability to run film down to one mil. We also have a yield advantage of 4% over the competition.

Q: How does our PVC compare to cellophane for Twist Wrap applications?

A: Our PVC has a significant yield advantage, twist retention (memory). There is also a cost savings involved in switching.

Q: Can our PVC film be used as a shrink-wrap application?

A: Yes, our film has 8 % shrink in both directions.

Q: In what markets is our FIAP film currently being used?

A: Candy Twist Wrap, Candy Canes, Credit Card overlay, Tinsel & Garland, Cassette and CD over wrap, shrink packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging and labels.

Q: What are your current film types?


  • NRAM-RCC: Credit card overlay
  • NRAM-M: Metallizable films
  • NRAM TP/T: Candy Twist wrap with anti-stat
  • NRAM V: Heat sealable film for cane wrap
  • NRAM L: Lower heat seal level required
  • NRAM EMC: Film for various overlaminate applications
  • NCM- U: Cassette and CD Over wrap
  • Termofin OC5: Pillow pack / Polypropylene film