The first FIAP operation for the production of thermoplastic films was set up in the outskirts of Milan more that thirty years ago. After initial experience in the production of polyethylene films, FIAP concentrated on blown extrusion of vinyl films.

FIAP has always developed and continuously improved original technology. This has allowed the Company to reach top class quality in production and thus to satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of flexible packaging users, evolving to top levels the flat die and the bubble orientation production processes.

This constant improvement of technology has led to an increase in production efficiency and an ever higher and consistent quality level.

In order to respond to its market-oriented philosophy, FIAP has extended its range and diversified its products thus entering into various sectors.

The experience gained in flexible packaging has allowed FIAP to build up important skills in the finishing of products, while the production of sheets for thermoformed packaging has opened up new horizons of activity.

FIAP has always been able to find original production solutions thanks to keen skills in developing technology together with constant experimentation with various thermoplastic polymers.

To meet the needs of our North American customer's AEP has installed a "state of the art" FIAP production line in our Griffin, Georgia Plant. This line began operation in January 2002 and uses the latest FIAP technology to produce film with exceptional lay flat and clarity.