Shrink Bundle Film

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At AEP, we are serious about innovation and packaging solutions. The results achieved by a dedicated team of Product Development, Quality Control, and Research and Development allow us to tailor the correct film for your application and specific needs from our family of Shrink Bundle Films:

  • HBF100 High Strength All Purpose Bundle Film
  • HBF154 High Strength Bundle Film with enhanced modulus
  • HBF-300 High Strength Bundle Film with enhanced sealability
  • FBF-300 High Strength Bundle Film with enhanced shrink and clarity
  • LBF-501 Higher Strength, Clarity, good modulus with more puncture resistance
  • LBF-502- Excellent go to film for 2 roll applications, superior strength, tear and puncture resistance, recommend for freezer applications
  • HCM-200 Highest Clarity film in its class - All purpose 1 or 2 roll applications with excellent overall optics-low haze, high gloss
  • FOF-P3 Film on Film overwrap-custom specification for your application