Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Custom Films Division?

A: The Custom Films Division, formally known as the Industrial Products division is the original division in AEP Industries, 40 year history. Our name was changed to better depict our product line, the custom manufacturing of polyethylene products.

Q: Our products are produced specifically per your needs and specifications. What does the Custom Films product line consist of?

A: We are a blown film extruder, capable of producing polyethylene bags, sheeting, tubing, and shrink bundling film. Each of these products can be produced in various configurations.Refer to the Custom Films portion of our web site for our complete listing of specific product configuration.

Q: How many manufacturing locations are there in the Custom Films Group?

A: We have 7 strategically located state of the art facilities in the United States. They are located in PA, NC, TX, IL, CA, MN and KY. Each facility has the ability of producing our full product line.

Q: Does the Custom Films Group have an "in the field" sales force and support staff?

A: Custom Films has over 40 full time sales representatives located within each of the 5 regions of our manufacturing facilities. Each are solely dedicated to the Custom Films Division. In addition, we have a customer service group at each regional location along with a technical support team in the field.

Q: What grade of resins does AEP Custom Films utilize?

A: In our extrusion process we use LLDPE, LDPE, Fractional Melt, EVA, MDPE, HDPE and Metallocene blends, along with all the latest advances in resin technology as they develop.

Q: Does your division offer down gauge alternatives to our existing packaging?

A: The custom films sales force is trained to evaluate your present requirements and offer alternatives based on your needs. It may be offering a better solution on problems you have been experiencing with your packaging requirements or offering cost savings alternatives. We have the ability to offer custom blends, with the assistance of our R&D department. We offer proprietary blends utilizing Metallocene in addition to our full range of all raw materials. This allows us to offer the right product for your application.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity accepted to produce an order?

A: Minimum order size depends on many factors. To a large degree it would include, the product form, size, and gauge. "Typical" minimums would be 2,000 pounds on standard clear products, 3,000 pounds on colors.

Q: What are your lead times?

A: Our standard lead time is 2 to 3 weeks or sooner. Based on our substantial capacity and versatility of our manufacturing facilities, we have the ability to accommodate rush situations if needed.