Fumigation Films

AEP/Sunfilm® has been manufacturing Fumigation Film for more then ten years.

We have worked continually with our R & D people and your industry to develop the best Fumigation Film in today’s market.

  • Conventional Fumigation Film
  • High Barrier Fumigation Film
  • Very High Barrier Fumigation Film
  • Properties:
    • Strength:
      • Tear, Puncture, Impact-unsurpassed
    • Barrier:
      1. California EPA Approved, High Barrier
      2. Exceeds all minimum standards currently established
      3. Less gas escapes into our atmosphere then any current film being used in North America
    • Packaging:
      1. Over wrapper in Heavy Duty Black Sleeves
      2. Heavy Duty Cores
      3. No wrinkles, excellent wind
      4. Consistent unwind with instructions
    • Sizes:
      • Min./Max
      • Minimum Width: 90” (we can run narrower if needed)
      • Maximum Width: 15’ (180”) Lay Flat
      • Standard Width: 13’ (156”) Lay Flat
      • Standard Gauge: 1 mil
      • Standard Length: 4m feet
      • Broadcast Fumigation Film

Tobacco Fumigation Film is available in heavier gauges.