Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I wrap my bales with silage film?

A: On a 4 x 4 bale unwrapped left outdoors, up to 44% of the bales mass may be unacceptable as feed. The use of silage film reduces the cost of operation and provides all the necessary nutrients without adding supplements.

Q: Why should I use Sunfilm silage wrap?

A: Sunfilm has been a leading brand of silage film since 1988. It is a time proven formula tested in climates worldwide. The product offers exceptional puncture and tear resistance, high opacity to reflect UV rays to maintain a consistent bale temperature and high film cling levels to ensure oxygen and moisture barrier properties are not compromised.

Q: When should I mow my field?

A: Mowing should be done when the plant is in the vegetative stage. This will provide optimum feed value and potentially an extra crop before season's end.

Q: When should I start baling and wrapping?

A: When your crop reaches 60% moisture, start baling and wrapping.

Q: What is the optimum moisture content?

A: Wrapped bales containing 40 - 60% moisture for grasses and 40 - 55% for legumes will provide excellent feed value for one year.

Q: What if my bales are greater than 60% or less than 40% in moisture content?

A: All of your bales will be good. But you need to enter in a bale management program. Bales with moisture in excess of 60% you need to feed first in the first 3 months. Those with a moisture content of 30 - 40% feed second within the first 6 months.

Q: Where can I get additional technical information regarding Sunfilm brand silage and related products?

A: By contacting: AEP Industries Inc. Ag Specialty Films at 800 - 999 - 2374 for additional technical and product information.